(3023) Transparent colored varnishes.

Manufacturer and builder 6, 1882

The aniline colors are particularly well adapted for the preparation of transparent colored lacs, which possess a great intensity even in very thin films, and are consequently very suitable for coloring metallic objects, mica, glass, etc. We have called attention to this fact in several answers in this department during the past year or two. Springmühl recommends the following procedure: He proposes separating a concentrated solution of the aniline color in alcohol, and another of the gum, using either bleached shellac or sandarach. When the lac is to be used, pour enough of the two solutions together for the purpose. The metal, glass or mica should he quite dry and slightly wean. Colored films of great beauty can also be obtained, according to the same authority, by similar colored solutions of collodion cotton in alcohol and ether. The collodion film has its elasticity very much increased by the addition of some turpentine oil; and when applied cold, may be removed entire. The colored films may now be cut into patterns and attached to any surface.

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