(3013) Silvering Glass Globes.

Manufacturer and builder 6, 1882

We append several for make for silvering glass globes, etc., which this inquirer may find useful. To half an ounce of lead add half an ounce of fine tin, and melt them together in an iron ladle when in a state of fusion, add half an ounee of bismuth, skim off the dross, remove the ladle from the fire, and before it solidifies add five ounces of quicksilver, anti stir the whole well together, being careful not to breathe over it, ase the fumes of the quicksilver are very injurious. The operation should be performed under a hood communicating with to chimney of good draft, to carry off the vapours. Or, to four ounces of quicksilver put as much tinfoil as will become barely fluid when mixed. Have the globe clean, dry and warm, and inject the metal by means of a clean glass or earthen pipe at the aperture, turning it about until it is silvered all over, let the remainder run at, and the operation is finished.

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