(2627) Painting a Tin Roof.

Manufacturer and builder 5, 1880

We should say the roofer who made such an assertion, gave you bad advice. So long as the roof is perfectly tight, so that no moisture can find its way underneath, it does not matter whether the under side of the sheets are painted or left bright. But give the rain the least chance to find its way under a crevice at the sides or the seams, and the moisture will spread, and the roof will commence to rust through from beneath very quickly. Every house owner knows the difficulty of keeping a tin roof perfectly tight, and has experienced more or less trouble from leaks of this kind. And for the same reasons that the outside of a roof should be protected by paint, the under side also should be protected, unless our correspondent wants to give the roofer a job every year or so. The cost of a cost on the under side of the sheets is trifling, compared to its probable service in prolonging the integrity of the roof. Have it done by all means.

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