(2332) Bronzing Iron.

Manufacturer and builder 4, 1879

We think that the best way of bronzing iron is that in use by the Philadelphia Smelting Company. This company has taken out patents covering the process for putting on iron a durable electro-bronze finish, which is claimed to possess the beauty and finish of real bronze at a very much lower cost, and to he wholly unaffected in color by the action of the atmosphere. The following is the process adopted: The articles to be bronzed are first put into a bath of paraffin, which stops further oxidation; they are then coated with a metallic alloy of copper and tin, and then subjected to the electro-bronzing bath, after which they are treated with a protecting varnish, and are then ready for use. The peculiarides in the texture are entirely due to the method of treatment. The alloy to said to possess superior malleability, approaching gold alloys in this respect, while its tenacity and solidity are very great. Specimens 8 inches long admit of being doubled up without apparent injury to the structure. It flows readily, is easily handled by ordinary workmen, and is capable of reworking from old scrap. It is also receptive of a high, smooth finish, wears well, and is largely used for machine journals, car bearings, and other purposes of a similar nature where a durable anti-friction metal is required.

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