A Good Black Varnish for Iron-Work

Manufacturer and Builder 1, 1890 A Good Black Varnish for Iron-Work, says an exchange, is to take eight pounds of asphaltum and fuse it in...


The Linotype.

Manufacturer and Builder 1, 1890 The Linotype, with which our readers are already familiar, from the elaborate description that appeared...


Uusin tapa valmistaa erivärisiä villasekotuksia (melangeja).

Kutoma- ja paperiteollisuus 10, 1908 Tähän asti on erivärisiä villasekotuksia valmistettu siten, että tummaksi värjättyyn villaan on sekot...


Löysän puuvillan värjäämisestä.

Kutoma- ja paperiteollisuus 10, 1908 Nykyaikaista kutomateollisuutta tuskin voi enään ajatellakaan ilman kudossyiden löysänä värjäämistä. ...


Seaside Painting.

Manufacturer and Builder 9, 1893 A paper was recently read on this subject by Paul F. Brazo, before members of the Master Painters' As...



Manufacturer and Builder ?, 1893 The ordinary lacquer of commerce is composed of spirits of wine and clear shellac in the proportion of 1 ...


Brass Coloring.

Manufacturer and Builder 8, 1893 A fine black color, which can be varied to a light brown, can be produced on brass by treatment with an a...


Color Blindness.

Manufacturer and Builder 8, 1893 In a recently-published report issued by the Marine Department of the British Board of Trade, some curiou...


Celluloid Pens.

Manufacturer and Builder ?, 1893 It is stated that in France pens for writing are now being made from celluloid in the following manner: T...


Rapid Blue Printing in Cloudy Weather.

Manufacturer and Builder ?, 1893 A correspondent of the Engineering News says that while experimenting with blue-printing processes with ...


Q. 4712. Grades of Lead Pencils.

Manufacturer and Builder 6, 1893 What materials are employed by the manufacturers of lead pencils to grade the hardness of the leads? — C...


Luminous Paints.

Manufacturer and Builder 5, 1893 A yellowish-brown luminous paint is obtained from 48 parts varnish, 10 parts precipitated barium sulphate...


Q. 4690. Permanent Ink.

Manufacturer and Builder 4, 1893 Is there any permanent ink that can be relied upon to last indefinitely when used on paper? — J. McC., T...


Converting Blue Prints into Black Prints.

Manufacturer and Builder ?, 1893 The Revué de Chimie Industrielle says that the prints should be first passed through water acidulated wi...


Varnish for Grate Fronts, Etc.

Manufacturer and Builder 3, 1893 Varnish with enough ivory black in it to cover well. Do not mix more than you wish to use at one time, fo...


Commercial Phosphorescent Lights.

Manufacturer and Builder ?, 1893 We are pleased to see that the long-prophesied and much talked of "cold light" which is to re...


New Metal Paint.

Manufacturer and Builder ?, 1893 A new kind of paint is announced, which, it is claimed, possesses in a peculiar degree the properties of ...


Dissolvent for Paint Skins.

Manufacturer and Builder 1, 1893 Two pounds of concentrated lye, 5 pounds unslaked lime to 15 gallons of water. Put in the old skins and a...



Kunnallislehti Satakuntalainen 16, 26.4.1924 Tämä viimeinen sievä malli näyttää yleensä, että täytyy mieli voida liikkua kapeassa kotelo...


(Mainos) Prince's Metallic Paint.

Manufacturer and Builder 1, 1872


Aniline Colors.

Manufacturer and Builder ?, 1872 By Prof. C. F. Chandler. It is well understood that coal is an element of our national wealth; and that...


[383] Gold Bronze on Furniture.

Manufacturer and Builder ?, 1872 Our contemporary, the Cabinet Maker , published in Boston, denies what we stated on page 144 of this volu...


A New Fire and WaterProof Paint.

Manufacturer and Builder 5, 1872 It is well known that soap is composed of oil, fat, etc., and a base, and that paint as it flows from the...


Prince's Metallic Paint.

Manufacturer and Builder 4, 1872 This celebrated paint is manufactured from a peculiar species of iron-ore discovered in Carbon county, Pe...


Coloring Gold.

Manufacturer and Builder 1, 1872 Gold is colored by two processes, called the dry and wet color; but the materials used in both cases are ...


(Mainos.) Tikkurilan värjäämö

Kotimainen työ 9, 17.9.1922


(Mainos.) Sanduddin tehdas osakeyhtiö

Kotimainen työ 9, 17.9.1922


(Mainos.) Oy Frisenborgin Tehtaat Ab.

Kotimainen työ 9, 17.9.1922


Wood-Tar as a Source of Coloring Materials.

Manufacturer and Builder 11, 1874 Although no method for the utilization of wood-tar is likely to prove of as much practical importance, a...



Manufacturer and Builder 1, 1874 One of the strangest incidents in scientific research is that must important discoveries pass by unnotice...


New way of Coloring Metals.

Manufacturer and Builder 1, 1874 Metals may be colored quickly and cheaply by forming on their surface a routing of a thin film of a sulph...