Q. 4237. Portable ink.

The Manufacturer and Builder 8, 1889

- Can you inform me where I may obtain the pads of paper used for ink by travelers and others? They are used as I remember, by tearing off a leaf and covering it with a small quantity of water, when the water becomes at once inky-black.
P. P. A., Saratoga, N. Y.

Answer. - It is possible that such pads of portable ink may be had at some of the stationers or dealers in such supplies, in various places, though of this we are by no means sure. The plan is of German origin, and at one time was used in this country, though this was, as well as we remember, ten or more years ago, and it may have fallen into disuse, though it certainly should be quite a boon to travelers. The portable ink can readily be made by this inquirer, by simply obtaining some aniline color of the desired tint, making a strong solution of the same in a little alcohol, immersing in the solution suitably cut strips of absorbent paper, and allowing these to dry, when they will be ready for use in the manner above described.

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