New Paint for Floors

Manufacturer and builder 1, 1869

We learn that a new kind of paint, especially good for floors, is made out of water-glass. It unites not only the qualities of beauty and durability, but is also advantageous as a means of protection against the action of fire. In order to lay on a covering of this paint, first of all the floor is neatly cleaned, then any cracks or crevices between the boards that may exist are luted with a thick dough made of water-glass and pulverized chalk or gypsum. By means of a stiff brush a coating of water-glass of the consistency, say, of syrup, is then spread over the floor. Again in the same manner a second coating is laid on, consisting of water-glam mixed with the desired color. It must, however, be a mineral color, from the fact that the alkalies of the water-glass commonly decompose vegetable colors. This coating having become dry, other layers of water glass may be thereafter given, until the floor has taken on the required lustrous appearance. In order to give the surface a brightness indicative of polish, it is ground off a little, oiled, and throughly dried. In this way a coating for the floor is obtained which is very durable, since the water-glass is not worn away either by means of heat, or yet, on account of its hardness, by means of continued use. As regards beauty and utility, floors coated in this manner are found to be fully equal to the best lacquered or varnished ones.

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