To Color Watch Hands Red.

Scientific American 13, 24.3.1866

Messrs. Editors: - I see in your paper a query to how to make watch hands red. Add to any alcohol varnish scarlet aniline color to suit taste, and apply to the well-polished gold or brass watch hands with a soft camel's hair pencil.
Zanesville, Ohio, March 5, 1566.

Messrs. Editors: - In reply to a question in your paper, I would say, I have used a solution of dragon's blood in alcohol, for giving the red color to watch hands, and find it gives he desired shade.
Windsorville, Cann., March 1, 1866.

Messrs. Editors: —In your last number of the Scientific American, I saw the question, "How is the red color given to the hands of a watch?" I have a method which was given me by a watchmaker, the truth of which I cannot vouch for, as I have not yet had an opportunity to try the experiment; it is as follows: - Mix one ounce of carmine powder and one mice nitrate of silver with one-half ounce of tinner's japan. Mix them in an earthen vessel over a lamp until a thick paste is formed. Then dip the hands into this paste and lay them on a copper plate which is to be then subjected to the heat of a lamp until the color is produced.
North Bridgewater, Mass., March 2, 1866.

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