Brilliant Marbled Papers.

The Manufacturer and Builder [date unknown]

In the factories where albumenized photographic paper is made, a considerable quantity of paper is spoiled in time, process, and it is than of but very little use. In Paris and Berlin, this paper has always been washed as free as possible from the albumen, and then worked into envelopes. Dr. Jacobson has found a new use for this paper; he proposes to stain it with aniline colors, and to employ it for labels, covers of boxes, and general decorative purposes. By being splashed with concentrated alcoholic solutions of the various aniline colors, the waste of these colored papers, according to the Reader, is now converted into marbled paper, of a much more beautiful appearance than what is produced by the old process, from the green-gold lustre which the films of those substances possess. The papers obtained by this method retain the gloss, the bright "satin" surface of tho albumenized material, and are almost as brilliant by transmitted as by reflected light. They are said to be well adapted for shades, transparencis, paper lamps, and other means of decorative illumination.

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