Dyed Cigars.

Manufacturer and builder 5, 1878

The artificial dyeing of cigars has as yet attracted but little attention among smokers, and is conducted very quietly and is apparently harmless; yet, under all circumstances, it should be condemned. Every artificial change of a natural product like tobacco, to give it a better appearance, should of itself be branded as improper. Then we must take into consideration the fact that the natural color of the cover has an essential influence upon the strength of the cigar, and consequently most smokers place great value on the color. By artificial coloring, on the contrary, the judgment is deceived, and it makes it impossible to determine the quality of the cigar from the color of the cover; for every dealer now has it in his power to make splendid dark cigars from his very light ones without any trouble. But we have especially to notice that now poor colored and refuse cigars may acquire a fine color and be sold for good ones. On all these grounds, dyeing cigars must be ranked as an adulteration for the purpose of swindling the public. Unfortunately, no moans have yet been devised where-by the people can distinguish such cigars in all cases from the genuine. All we can do at present is to call attention to the fact and recommend caution in the matter, the best precaution being not to smoke at all, and discard the habit as not only useless, but unwholesome, dirty, and expensive.

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