White Hard Spirit of Wine Varnish.

Scientific American 9, 20.11.1847

Put into a bottle five pounds of gum sund­arac, and two gallons of spirits of wine, 60 over proof; agitate it until dissolved, recollec­ting, if washed glass is used, that it is convenient to dip the bottle containing the mixture into a boiler of hot water every ten min­utes, the bottle to be immersed only two min­utes at a time, which will greatly assist the dissolving of the gum; but be particular to keep a firm hold over the cork of the bottle, or else the rarefaction will blow the cork out with the force of a shot: and an accident might acrue from fire The bottle, every time it is heated, should be carried away from the fire the cork eased a little, m allow the rarified air to escape; then driven tight; and this process should be continued until all the gum is properly dissolved, which is easily known by having an empty tin can to pour the varnish into, until near the last, which is to be pour­ed into a gallon measure; return the whole into the four gallon tin, if the gum is not at all dissolved, and continue the shaking until it is ready to be strained, when everything ready to be used ought to be quite clean and dry, as oily tins, funnels, &c., or anything damp, will spill and spoil the varnish. When it is strained off, put one quart of very pale turpentine varnish, shake and mix the two well together. Spirit varnishes should be kept well corked, and are fit to be used the day after being made.

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