Lacquer for Brass.

Scientific American 39, 19.6.1847

Dissolve one ounce of seedlac, and half an ounce of stick-lac in a quart of the best alco­hol. For this purpose the seedlac should be first pulverized, and being well mixed with the alcohol, the whole, including the stick-lac, may be put into a glass bottle or flask, and suspended near a fire, or set on a stove where it will be kept warm for 24 hours, during which lime it may be occasionally shaken, or stirred up with a rod. Afterward the solution may be strained through a close flannel, when it will be ready for use. The stick-lac may be omitted, unless an orange tinge is required; or a little of the tincture of red saunders may be substituted in place of it. When this is ap­plied, the work must be warmed as much as the hand can bear, and the lacquer is to be quickly laid on, with a camel-hair brush.

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