Mahogany Stain.

Scientific American 35, 19.5.1849

1. Pure Socotrine aloes 1 oz., dragon's blood ½ oz, rectrified spirit 1 pint, dissolve and apply two or three coats to the surface of the wood; finish off with oil or wax tinged with alkanet.

2. Wash over the wood with strong aquafortis; and when dry apply a coat of the above varnish; polish at last.

3. Logwood 2 oz., madder 8oz., fustic 1 oz., water 1 gallon; boil 2 hours, and apply it to the wood several times boiling hot; when dry slightly brush it over with a solution of pearlash 1 oz. in water 1 quart; dry and polish as before.

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