The Fair of the American Institute. No. 2.

Scientific American 5, 21.10.1848

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Gold Pens.
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Rotary Engine.
Dog Powers.
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Agricultural Improvements.
Washing Maschine.
Gas Apparatus.
Portable Forge and Bellows.
Cooking Stoves.
A Pill Machine.
A New Life Preserver.
Iron Planing Machines

Another Fire and Waterproof Paint.

Among many substances which have been brought forward for this purpose, we can specially testify that (No.2015) a paint made from transition argilite, and discovered by James M. Albright of Scheneectady, N. Y. is a most excellent and unequalled substance. We have exposed it to heat, air, &c. and it becomes harder and better. It can mix with many paints and is not very dark, and it can be employed for all kinds of painting, it being capable of taking a very fine polish. All wood painted with this, is made Fire Proof and we cannot but consider it to be a most important discovery, for it is cheap and is to be found not confined to one place but scattered throughout our broad land.

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