Varnish for Glass

Practical Magazine 22, 1876

(Chemistry applied to the Arts, Manufactures, &c.)

Varnish for Glass, which may be written on with common ink or Indian ink, is prepared, according to TERQUEM, speaking before the Trade Association of North France, in the following manner: 4 grs. of mastic in grains, and 8 grs. of sandarach, heated in a balneum mariæ, in a stoppered bottle, with 80 grs. of overproof spirit, and after wards filtrated. On application the glass is to be warmed from 50° to 60° C.; after the writing has been made, the varnish is to be covered with a weak solution of gum. The varnish is very hard, and will appear brilliant and transparent on the heated glass. On cold glass, however, it remains opaque, and will imbibe the ink. Its application is intended for the use of inscriptions on glass bottles, &c.

- Stummer's Ingenieur, Aug. 1876.

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