Cold-Water Paints.

Manufacturer and builder 5, 1887

A series of paints, which are made ready for use simply by the addition of cold water, have for some time past been successfully introduced abroad, the paint thus produced drying, it is stated, with a fine, hard surface, which, although mixed only with water, is impervious to rain and uninjured by frequent washings, even with diluted disinfectants; ass oil and turpentine are also dispensed with, these paints have the additional advantage of being free from objectionable smell. They can be used for exterior work on wood as well as on brick, plaster, iron or stone, and for interiors they are of course peculiarly applicable. The paint can likewise be reduced by oil, which produces a hard and glossy surface. It is thought that such non poisonous and washable paints will prove of peculiar adaptation for tropical countries generally, where cleanliness and freedom from infection are particularly requisite, but where, it is well known, the application of the ordinary oil paints and distempers is neglected.

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