[527] To Make the Face Pale.

Manufacturer and builder 1, 1873

It would be easy enough for us to give a prescription for internal use, to make you look pale, but as we cannot guarantee that it would not make you sick at the same time, we rather advise you to confine yourself to the external application of powder; but, do not trust powders of which you do not know the ingredients; if they contain white lead, zinc white, barytes, etc., they may injure the health when used often. The cause that their use is easily detected is that they are of an unnatural white, and therefore do not give the natural deathly palor, which is not pure white. The best way is to take Paris white, which is very finely powdered chalk, and mix it, in a mortar, with a little fine yellow ochre and well pulverized indigo. However, add these two ingredients in very small quantities, just enough to destroy the pure white of the chalk, and to obtain the greyish tint of a corpse. If wel1 mixed, in the right proportion, the application of such a powder will not easily be detected.

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