Bleaching Soap.

Manufacturer and builder 9, 1870

This is a soda soap prepared according to the excellent prescription of the Prussian pharmacopœia which prescription has been copied in almost all other works of the kind; the soap is separated by common salt, and after this one fourth of its weight of sulphite of soda is added, which has been previously made into a homogeneous paste by means of a little water; the soap is next dried in the usual manner. In order to apply this soap, chiefly intended for the bleaching of straw hats, but perfectly fit for applicatien to silk and wool, it is dissolved in its own weight of cold water, and to every 2 lbs. of soap ½ oz. of liquid ammonia is added. As soon as the mass has a gelatinous aspect, 1 part thereof is dissolved in 8 parts of warm water. The materials which it is desired to bleach are washed and scrubbed by means of a brush in this soapend; while yet moist, the materials are placed in acidulated water, (25 parts of water and 1½ of hydrochloric acid,) left in this liquid for 2 hours, and then well washed, and rinsed with pure cold water, and dried. This soap is very largely and successfully used in Russia, and was first prepared in that country by Dr. Werner.

Pharm Zeitschr. f. Rusel.

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