Bronze Colour for Iron.

Practical Magazine 22, 1876

(Chemistry applied to the Arts, Manufactures, &c.)

A good bronze for iron is obtained in the following manner:

Mix 1 part of ivory black, 1 part of chrome yellow, 16 parts of chrome green with undistilled linseed oil, and add some varnish for quicker drying. After the colour is laid on, and about half dry, a very good bronze colour may be produced by putting on the bronze powder with a soft brush on the projecting parts, and rubbing it in with a piece of silk plush. Another good bronze colour may be made by dis solving pulverized gum sandarach in strong potash lye, diluting the solution with water, and causing a precipitation by adding dissolved blue copperas. This green precipitation is washed, dried, and dissolved in oil of turpentine. The product is a fine green varnish, which is not affected by sunlight.

- Deutsch.-Amer. Ind. w. Gew.-Zeit., through Der Metallarbeiter.

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