Fountain Pens.

The Manufacturer and Builder 10, 1878

For many years experiments have been made to produce an available fountain pen, that is, one which contains its own ink, and makes an inkstand and repented dipping, with its sometimes unpleasant consequences, unnecessary. From time to time the results of these experiments have come before the public in various forms, but thus far none have given satisfaction, until recently the fountain pen of Mackinnon appeared fulfilling all the wants and answering the highest expectations. It is in the shape of a pen-holder, but hollow; inside a supply of ink is carried, and the fluid flows from the point in the act of writing. One of the difficulties heretofore with pens of this character has been to insure a free and certain delivery of the ink, and also to bring the instrument within the compass and weight of an ordinary pen. In this the inventor has admirably succeeded; the ink flows with certainty, and there is no scratching as with an ordinary pen; it writes with facility on either smooth or rough paper, writes even more smoothly than a lead pencil, can be carried in the pocket, is always ready for use, and there is no spilling or blotting of ink. The construction is simple, durable, and the action effective. One filling lasts a week or more, according to the extent of use, and it promises to be very useful to all writers. The sole agency is at 21 Park Row, New York.

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