(531) Painting Church Organs.

Manufacturer and builder 1, 1873

The organ in question is not painted at all, the carvings are all dark oak, and the pipes polished block-tin, which keeps clean for year, better than silver, which tarnishes quickly. The mediæval custom prevailing in England, and recently imitated in this country, to paint organ-cases and pipes with all kinds of colors, is abhorred in Holland: if organs there are painted at all, it is either white and gold, or quite plain; one of the richest-looking organ fronts [is] in the City of Nymegen, it is painted with gold ochre, and all the mouldings, etc., profusely gilded, so that it looks as if the front was entirely gilded. As it is about the same size as the organ represented on page 232, vol. iv., filling the whole width and height of the church, the contrast with the silver white pipes ss extremely rich.

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