Dyeing By Aid of Electricity

Technical World 9, 1912

In order to create artistic designs by different colors on silk and velvet, a very old process was introduced from Java a few years ago. By means of an apparatus which permits liquid wax to flow out, the material to be dyed is covered with the wax so that the part which is to retain its original color cannot be touched by the dye. The most artistic designs may be produced in this way. This process may be repeated several times until the colors desired have been secured. After all the desired colors have been applied, the wax is washed out with benzine. The same method can be used in connection with wood, leather or metal, which may be dyed, etched or stained. A drawback to this method has been that it was practically impossible to keep the wax at an even temperature so that it would flow out regularly. Electricity has remedied this difficulty, and apparatus has been produced which keeps the wax at an even temperature.

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