Editor's Scientific Record: Use of Soluble Glass in Painting.

Harper's new monthly magazine 254, JUL 1871

Our exchanges still continue to suggest new applications of water-glass in the arts; but especially in painting, where it appears to furnish a means of applying certain colors to fresh wood or clean iron in a most efficient manner, and at a very slight cost compared with oil. It can also be used advantageously for painting houses, basket-ware, decorations for theatres, etc., and is especially suitable in the latter case, as it renders wood incombustible to a certain extent, instead of increasing the danger from fire, as with oil paint. Care must, of course, be taken to use only such mineral colors as are not decomposed by the glass, such as ultramarine, chrome-green, Nuremberg-green, yellow and red earth, ochre, green-earth, terra de Sienna, etc. In coating paper with this paint, a little glycerine may be added to prevent its breaking. Coralline, pon-cean, and Vesuvine have also been used to ad. vantage in connection with soluble glass.

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