Editor's Scientific Record: Preparation of Zinc Paint.

Harper's new monthly magazine 254, JUL 1871

A useful hint in regard to the preparation of paint with oxide of zinc instead of white lead will be found in the following instructions, published in a German journal: The ordinary boiled linseed-oil should be replaced in the mixing operation by one prepared by gently boiling two hundred pounds of the raw oil for five or six hours, then adding about twenty-four pounds of coarsely broken lumps of binoxide of manganese, and continuing the boiling operation for about ten hours longer. In this manner a very quickly drying linseed-oil is obtained, which is eminently fit for the purpose of being used with zinc-white and other zinc colors. According to the writer of the article, much depends upon the use of old linseed-oil, and also upon the pains taken wjth the boiled oil, which, unless carefully kept from the contact of the air, becomes thick in a very short time. The boiled oil so prepared is not to be used alone in painting with zinc-white, but must be mixed with from three to five per cent, of raw linseed-oil while the paint is being mixed together.

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