Chemicals and Dyes.

The Irish Textile Journal 15.5.1893

(Special Report by Messrs. SADLER & Co., Ltd., Middlesbrough.)

A striking feature in the chemical trade at the moment is the remarkable demand for disinfectants of every description. It has been many years since Bleaching Powder realised such high prices as are now obtaining, but manufacturers declare that they are fully able to cope with the exceptional demand. Permanganate of Potash, Bi-chloride of Mercury, and last, but certainly not least, Carbolic Acid products are largely going into consumption, and are realising important values far beyond the anticipation of the most sanguine maker. What will happen if there is not a recrudescence of cholera is easy to forecast, but the reports of the Continental centres leave no doubt that the year will be marked by a return of the dire disease, over a more extended area than during the past year, and sanitary authorities are providing against this contingency. Caustic Soda and Soda Ash are dull, and prices are receding. There is a better demand for Chlorates, which are at least 30 per cent. dearer. Tar Acids, Tar Products, and Aniline Dyes, are as dull as they well can be. Sulphate of Ammonia, on the other hand, has been in capital request. Manufacturers have not been able to cope with the requirements of consumers. The same favourable aspect has marked the Nitrate market. Owing to short shipments of this article it has been scarce and dear. Both Nitrate and Sulphate, however, are easier, and do not look like maintaining their high values. In sympathy with dyes, dyers' chemicals are in slow demand, and the market is chiefly remarkable for the exceptional cutting by sellers. The only important changes in values are in Oxalic Acid, which is quoted at id. per lb. better, Aniline Oil, which is quotable at did., and in Sulphate of Ammonia, which has fallen quite 20s. per ton.

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