Editor's Scientific Record: Preparation of White Lead from Galena.

Harper's new monthly magazine 254, JUL 1871

Experiments are now being prosecuted to test the value of an invention for preparing white lead direct from the ore. For this purpose ordinary galena is treated in an ore-crusher, next roasted in an ordinary desulphurizing kiln, and then mixed with carbon (preferably in a state of finely washed dust of anthracite coal) in the proportion of half and half. The mixture is next to be heated in a compound oxidizing furnace, when dense white fumes of vapor will pass off. These are conveyed into a separate chamber or receptacle, where the vapors are strained through screens or bags of muslin or ether fabric, or are allowed to deposit by being slowly passed through an extended chamber, in the way lamp-black, oxide of zinc, etc., are usually collected.

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