Q. 3151. Luminous Paint.

The Manufacturer and Builder 1, 1883

- What is luminous paint - that which is visible in the dark? and how is it made. Is there more than one color? Is there not more or less phosphorous in it? Some claim there is no phosphorous in it. Please answer and oblige a reader. - M. J. D., East Boston, Mass.

Answer. The first part of this inquirer's question is answered in our reply to query 2906, in our issue for November, 1881, and more fully as to detals on page 286 on our last December number. These paints may of course be colored by the addition of foreign substances, but such additions are hurtfult. The pure white color gives the best results, and it is best to apply the luminous paint upon a previously dried ground of zinc or lead white. As this inquirer will notice from reading the references we have given him, there is no phosphorus in the luminous paints.

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