Manufacturer and builder 6, 1880

Referring to an article on this subject which appeared in our issue for April, concerning which several inquiries have reached the office, we are enabled to add herewith some additional facts of interest concerning the Asbestos paints which were then specially referred to.

We learn that the Oriental Hotel, the largest of all the immense hotels at Manhattan beach; the Pequot House, new London, Conn.; and the Old Orchard Beach Hotel, Maine, are now being painted with H. W. Johns asbestos liquid paints, which are rapidly superseding all others for large and elegant structures, and for the better classes of dwellings everywhere, for the following reasons:

These paints are specially prepared for exposed wood-work and iron structures, for which uses they are at once economical and durable. For inside work and general uses, they are affirmed also, to be no less valuable. Respecting the composition of the "Asbestos Liquid Paints," we are informed in respect to their manufacture that none but the purest linseed oil is employed in their production, and that they contain neither water, alkalies, benzine or other adulterants and dilutants, which, as is generally known, enter in no small degree into the composition of many of the so-called "chemical" and other proprietary paints.

The manner of preparing the Asbestos paints is described as follows: The entire body of the paints is first ground in oil, then mixed to the proper consistency, and afterwards ground through fine mills, by which procedure the thorough and intimate mixture of the oils and pigments is insured.

In respect to the general qualities of these paints we add some points of interest, which are claimed to characterize them. They have been thoroughly tested in all parts of the world and have been found to withstand the severest climatic changes, salt water atmosphere, and other trying exposures, where the best paints of other kinds have failed, and it is affirmed, with the most satisfactory results. Furthermore, in respect to richness and permanency of color, covering properties, beauty of finish, durability and other characteristics of a perfect protective covering for structural work, these paints are claimed to be equal to the best. They possess an elastic quality, which prevents them from cracking or scaling, and are prepared ready for the brush. They may, of course, be thinned down the same as any oil paint, if desired. These paints, finally, are prepared specially for various applications for which they are designed; so, for example, the manufacturers produce special qualities for inside work; roof paints specially prepared, or a number of colors, for preserving tin and other roofs; fire-proof paints, specially prepared in white and light tints, for inside work upon the wood-work of factories, mills and generally for the protection of wood-work that is liable to the danger of catching fire from any cause.

These paints are prepared in any shades that may be required.

Additional information will be furnished respecting these products, by addressing the manufacturers, the H. W. Johns' MTg Co., 87 Maiden Lane, New Yor City.

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