The Manufacturer and Builder 10, 1870

1. Deep Golden Lacquer.
- Seed-lac, 3 ozs.;
turmeric, 1 oz.;
dragon's blood ½: oz.;
alcohol 1 pint.
Digest for a week, shaking frequently; then decant and filter.

2. Golden Lacquer.
- Turmeric, 1 lb.;
gamboge, 1½ ozs.;
gum sandarac, 3½ lbs.;
shellac, 3/4 lb., (all in powder;)
rectified alcohol, 2 gallons.
Dissolve, strain, and add 1 pint of turpentine varnish.

3. Red Lacquer.
- Spanish annotto, 3 lbs.;
dragon's blood, 1 lb;
gum sandarac, 3 1/4 lbs.;
rectified alcohol, 2 gallons;
turpentine varnish, 1 quart.
Dissolve and mix, as in No. 2.

4. Pale Brazen Lacquer.
- Gamboge, (cut small,) 1 oz.;
cape aloes, (do.,) 3 ozs.;
pale shellac, 1 lb.;
rectified alcohol, 2 gallons.
Dissolve and mix, as in No. 2.

5. Another Brazen Lacquer.
- Seed-lac, dragon's blood, annotto, and gamboge, each, 4 ozs.;
saffron, 1 oz.;
rectified alcohol, 10 pints.
Dissolve, etc. as in No. 2.

As these lacquers are often wanted of different shades of color, it is well to keep on hand a concentrated solution of each coloring ingredient, so that it may be added at any time to produce the desired tint.

- Boston Journal of Chemistry.

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