Lead Poisoning by Bread.

Manufacturer and builder 1, 1878

The people in a populous distcit of Paris suffered lately from lead poisoning, and Dr. Ducamp traced the cause to the bread used. The baker from whom it was obtained, as well as his family, were equally affected. The flour, water, and yeast used by him were of the same kind as that used by neighboring bakers, and contained no lead, while the bread he sold did contain it. Finally, it wasdiscovered that he had heated his oven with old boards taken from demolished buildings. These boards had been painted with white lead, which, during combustion, was volatized and deposited all round in the oven. It was then found that the persons employed to dust the bread from adhering ashes, etc., were the forst and worst affected, while in one family where an old person ate the soft part and the young ones the crust, the first remained free while the latter were the most severel attacked.

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