Best Body Copal Varnish for Coach Makers, &c.

Scientific American 9, 26.1.1850

This is intended for the body parts of coaches and other similiar vehicles, intending for polishing.

Fuse 8lbs. of fine African gum copal, and two gallons of clarified oil (old measure), boil it very slowly for four or five hours, until quite stringy, mix with three gallons and a half of turpentine; strain off and pour it into a cistern. If this is too slow in drying, coach-makers, painters and varnish-makers, have introduced to two pots of the preceeding varnish, one made as follows: - 8lbs. of fine pale gum anima, two gallons of clarified oil, and three and a half gallons of turpentine, to be boiled four hours.

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