Sulphur Dyes To Replace Aniline

Popular Mechanics, huhtikuu 1915

A discovery that is likely to revolutionize the dyeing industry is that of a process for using sulphur dyes for fabrics other than cotton, for which sulphur dyes have heretofore been exclusively used. The new process was developed in an English laboratory and is the result of experiments made for finding a substitute for the German aniline dyes which have been practically shut out of the market by the war. Aside from the fact that sulphur can be obtained from many sources, one of the principal advantages claimed for the process is that wool, silk, artificial silk, and hemp can be dyed together in one bath, thereby saving the cost of separate dyeing and that of dyeing by the present two-bath process. The process is said to be so simple that any competent dyer can learn it with less than half a day's instruction.

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