Notes. (Light; Albinism)

Popular Science, syyskuu 1879

PROFESSOR COHN, of Breslau, has been making experiments with the electric light on the eyes of a number of persons, for the purpose of ascertaining its influence on visual perceptions and color-sensations. He finds that letters, spots, and colors are perceived at a much greater distance through the medium of the electric light than by day or gas light. The sensation of yellow is increased sixty fold compared to daylight, red six fold, blue two fold. Eyes which can only with difficulty distinguish colors by day or gas light, are much aided by the electric light.

A "VERY PECULIAR, if not unique" case of albinism is recorded in the "Lancet." The subject is a girl of eleven years of age, having pink eyes, with the usual photophobia, but hair of a bright-red color.

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