France Prohibits White Lead in Paint

Popular Mechanics, marraskuu 1909

A fight against the use of white lead in paint was started in France in 1904, and since then the battle progressed through different stages until in July of this year a law prohibiting its use was finally passed. it was claimed that white lead was injurious to the health of the painters, but as the death rate was very low, averaging only one in every 7,000 or 8,000 painters, the comtemplated law was fought for some time.

Another point upon which the two French houses differed was whether an indemnity should be allowed to manufacturers of white lead for damages they might sustain from the loss of the market for the goods they had on hand. The law as finally passed prohibits the use of white lead in painting buildings, inside or outside, after the expiration of three years. Within that time it is believed the the manufacturers will be able to dispose of their product now on hand.

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