Miscellaneous Summary. Azeleine.

Scientific American 7, 13.8.1864

AZELEINE is a splendid red color, and is difficult to make. it is prepared as follows: - Ten parts of aniline are heated on a water bath up to 260 deg. Fah.; when this temperature is reached, seven parts of nitrate of mercury, dry and in powder, are dropped in by degrees. it must remain at 260 deg. for eight or nine hours, when the mass will be found to have changed to a beautiful red color. This only requires to be dissolved in alcohol and water, and used for dyeing. When ribbons have been dyed with these and other colors, a beautiful goss is imparted to them by the application of albumen in the form of white of an egg. Recently these purple and red dyes have been used as inks, but they are not so permanent as those obtained from carmine.

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