Foreign News And Markets. Indian Indigo.

Scientific American 21, 19.5.1860


Indian Indigo. - In all likelihood the price of indigo will undergo a rise, especially for the best qualities. In the district of Krishnagur there has been an extended agrarian uprising of the peasantry, who formerly cultivated the indigo plant. The indigo planters, who are mostly Europeans, have been accustomed to make advances to the native magistrates for the future crop. This season, these native leaders have endeavored to avoid their obligations, by not cultivating the plants, and as a consequence, most of the indigo factories have been stopped. Bands of the peasantry, armed with clubs, had traversed the country as mobs, threatning the Europeans. The latter, with a small military force, have restored tranquility, but the indigo crop for the season, will be almost nil.

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