Column of Varieties. (Osa)

Scientific American 2, 12.1.1861


It would appear, from numerous observations, that soldiers are hit during battle according to the color of their dress, in the following order: Red is the most fatal color; the least fatal, Austrian gray. The proportions are - red, 12; rifle-green 7; brown, 6; Austrian bluish-gray, 5.


A patent has lately been taken out by C. Couper, of London, for a new and beautiful blue color. It consists of soluble Prussian blue and ca[r]mine of indigo mixed together, according to their combining proportions. He has found that these two colorings substances dissolve one another and combine to form a new blue of definite composition, which possesses the property of being applied to fabrics made of both vegetable and animal substances, either with or without mordants. This blue is a clear color, and does not vary in artificial or solar light.

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