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Scribners monthly 2, 1877

I fully agree with what Hannah Snowden says in the October number in regard to wood fires, but I would say add to the attraction by putting a touch of red here and there in the favorite family room, whether it be library, sitting-room or parlor. The delicate blues and pinks, mixed with white muslin, are very pretty and suitable for chambers, where we want the rooms to look pure and cool and lovely; but if we want our intimate friends who are admitted into our family rooms to exclaim, on opening the door, "What a bright, cheerful room, and how cozy and comfortable you look," then add the touch of red. Two or three shades of light gray; a wall-paper, with graceful sprays supporting little red-breasted birds, or composed of autumn leaves, lights up well. Add a few red-bound books to those on the shelves, red, or red-and-white lambrequins, a red table-cover, or gray with red applique, a red and gray cover to the lounge, and a bright carpet. Put autumn leaves among the grasses in the pretty vases on the mantel. Then, with pictures on the walls, no matters of what kind so that they are good, and a few flowers in the windows, the furniture can be of the plainest; but such a room will be the delight of the family, and the coloring, not being sufficient to be glaring and offend the eye, will add twofold to the cheerfulness of the bright fire, with the brass andirons, of course.

M. W.

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