(Mainos) Murphy Varnish Company

Scribner's magazine, 1891

What business is it of ours, if you buy a carriage, piano, or house, and the varnish goes off or worse?

Why, this: We make varnish to wear; and we want your carriage to go a year, your piano to keep its shine as long as it keeps its tone, and your house to be fresh and bright as long as you live in it - not the front door; a year is enough for that.

We have nothing to sell you. You buy your varnish on; but we want you to get it good, and take good care of it.

So, if you please, we'll send you the "People's Text-Book on Varnish" - free - will you send your address?

Murphy Varnish Company.
Frankling Murphy, President.

Head Office: Newark, N. J.
Other Offices: Boston, Cleveland, St. Louis, and Chicago.
Factories: Newark and Chicago.

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