Recipes for Earthen-Ware Glazing.

Manufacturer and Builder 6, 1869

White glazing:
four parts of massicot, two oftin-ashes, three of fragments of crystal glass, and one half part of sea-salt. This mixture is melted in earthen-ware vessels, and thereafter the liquid mass may be made use of.

Yellow glazing:
Take equal parts of massicot, red lead, and sulphuret of antimony. The mixture must be calcined and powdered, two parts of pure sand and one half part of salt are then mixed with it, and the whole melted.

Green glazing:
Two parts of sand, three of massicot, one of salt, and copper scales according to the desired shade; the mixture is melted as directed above.

Blue glazing:
White river-sand and massicot in equal parts, adn one third part of blue smalt.

Violet glazing:
One part of massicot, three of sand, one of smalt, and one eight part of black oxide of manganese.

Black glazing:
Two parts of black oxide of manganese, ne of smalt, one and a half of burnt quartz, and one and half part of massicot.

Brown glazing:
One part of fragments of green-bottle glass, one of manganese, and two parts of lead-glass.

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