Editorial Summary. Prints in Bitumen.

Scientific American 19, 11.5.1867

Mr. Swan has shown us a curiosity in carbon printing - prints produced in the following novel manner: - Paper was saturated with a solution of asphalt fo such consistence that when dry no gloss appears on the paper. After exposure under a negative, an image was developed by means of turpentine, applied so that the soluble asphaltum shall find its way out of the paper from the side opposite to that exposed to light, so leaving the insoluble asphaltum to form a print with half tone. The same principle is, of course, applicable with chromo-gelatine printing; the material saturated with the chromo-gelatine being of an open texture (woven materials, for an example), and the coloring matter being of course soluble with the gelatine. Prints by Mr. Swan's processes are regularly published in Paris.
- Photographic News.

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