Diffusion of light by fuchsine.

Harper's new monthly magazine 258, 1871

Mr. Christiansen was the first to ascertain that the dispersion of light by fuchsine is different from that of other bodies. Mr. Kundt has since discovered that nearly all bodies which in the solid state show a well-defined surface color have an abnormal dispersion spectrum when examined in the form of a concentrated solution. In fuchsine, aniline green, indigo, indigo carmine, carthamine, murexide, cyanine, hyper-manganate of potash, and in carmine the red light is more dispersed than the blue; and in bodies with green in their surface color, the green in the spectrum is least deflected. Thus, cyanine, aniline violet, aniline blue, and even indigo carmine give the colors as follows: green, blue, red - the green being least deflected.

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