The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes: Of Woade. Chap. 126.

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The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes. Gathered by John Gerarde of London Master in Chirvrgeria,

Imprinted at London by Iohn Norton. 1597

Of Woade. Chap. 126.

Glastum Sativum.
Garden Woade.

The description
Glastum or Garden Woade hath long leaues of a bleweish greene colour. The stalk groweth two cubites high, set about with a great number of such leaues as come up first, but smaller, branching it selfe at the top into many little twigs, whereupon doe growe many small yellow flowers, which being past, the seede commeth foort like little blackish toongs: the roote is white and single.

There is a wilde kinde of Woade very like unto the former in stalkes, leaues, and fashion, sauing that the stalke is tenderer, smaller, and browner, and the little toongs narrower; otherwise there is no difference betwixt them.

The place
The tame or garden Woade groweth in fertill fields, where it is sowen: the wilde kinde groweth where the tame kinde hath been sowen.

The time.
They flower from Iune to September.

The names.
Woade is called in Greeke ----: in Latine Isatis, and Glastum. Cæsar in his first booke of the French wars, saith, that all the Britons do colour themseues with Woad, which giueth a blew colour: the which thing also Plinie in his 22. booke, chap.1. doth testifie: In fraunce they call it Glastum, Woad, which is like unto Plantaine, wherewith the Britons wiues, and theis sonnes wiues are coloured all ouer, and go naked in some kinde of sacrifices. It is likewise called of diuers Guadum: of the Italians Guado; a word as it seemeth, wrung out of the word Glastum: in Spanish and French Pastel: in Dutch Weer: in English Woade and Wade.

The nature.
Garden Woade is drie without sharpnesse: the wilde Woade drieth more, and is more sharpe and biting.

The vertues.
The decoction of Woade deunken, is good for such as haue any stopping or hardnes in the milt or spleene, and is also good for wounds and ulcers in bodies of a strong constitution, as of countrie people, and such as are accustomed to great labour, and hard course fare.

It serueth well to die and colour cloth, profitable to some few, and hurtfull to many.

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