The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes: Of Italian Rocket. Chap. 24.

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The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes. Gathered by John Gerarde of London Master in Chirvrgeria,

Imprinted at London by Iohn Norton. 1597

Of Italian Rocket. Chap. 24.

The description
Italian Rocket hath long leaues cut into many parts or diuisions like those of the Ashe tree, resembling Ruellius his Bucker horne: among which rise up stalkes weake and tender, but thicke and grosse, two foote high, garnished with many small yellowish flowers like the middle part of Tansie flowers, of a naughtie fauour or smell. The seede is small like sande or dust, in taste like Rocker seede, whereof in truth we suspect it to be a kinde. The roote is long and wooddie.

Crambling Rocker hath many large leaues cut ito sundry sections, deepely thrust to the middle ribbe, braunched like the homes of a stag or hart, among which there do rise up long, fac & fleshie stalkes two cubites high, lying flat upon the grounde by reason of his weake and feeble braunches. The flowers growe at the top clustering thicke togither, yellow of colour like those of Diers weede. The seede is like the former.

The place
These plants do growe in sandie, stonie, grauely, and chalkie barren grounds. I aue founde them in sundrie places of Kent, as at Southfleete neere master Swannes house upon longfielde downes, which is a chalkie and hilly ground, very barren, where grasse will scarsely growe or anything else but Iuniper and these plants. They grow at Greene-hithe upon the hils neere unto the village, and in other places of Kent: but I haue not seene them else-where, although I doubt not but that they grow in other places of this lande.

The time.
These plants do flourish in Iune, Iuly, and August.

The names.
The first is called of Plinie, Rheseda, Eruca peregrina, and Eruca Cantabrica: in English Italian Rocket.

The second is called likewise of Plinie, Rheseda and Rheseda maxima, of Anguillara Pignemon whereof I find nothing extant woorthie the memorie, either of temperature of vertues.

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