Q. 3316. Gold varnish on brass and bronze.

Manufacturer and Builder 11, 1883

Please give me a receipt for a varnish for imitating gilding on brass and bronze.
- H. D., Vineland, N. J.

Answer. One of the best formulas for imitating gilding on brass and bronze articles, is as follows:
The varnish is composed of 160 grains of gum lac, 40 grains of dragon's blood, 10 grains of turmeric, and 3,320 grains of alcohol. In applying it, the metal should be brushed with varnish, in all directions, by means of a sponge, and then immediately warmed over a gentle charcoal fire. The surface will at first appear dead, but will soon become lustrous, resembling the finest gilding. It should be kept in well closed vessels.

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