Drying Machine.

Engineering Weekly, 25.6.1875

On page 527 we publish an illustration of a drying machine of which a considerable number are made by MM. Pieron and Dehaitre, of Paris, for the use of dyers, who employ them to express all the moisture from the fabrics on leaving the dyeing vats. The construction of the machine is very simple and will be understood from the illustration. It consists of a large copper cylinder A, to which steam is admitted through the pipe K. This cylinder is caused to revolve by means of a screw and worm wheel G, either through the pulley F, or by a wheel and crank. The motion of this cylinder gives movement to a number of small rollers H spaced around it, these rollers carrying an endless web BC. A feeding roller D extends across the cylinder in the position shown, means being provided by which the pressure exerted may be regulated. The dyed materials are introduced between the feed roller and the endless web, and are carried around the cylinder, one revolution being sufficient to express the moisture and dry the fabric.

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