Wall Coloring.

Scientific American 19, 11.5.1867

A new wash, said to be almost as durable as paint and well suited to plaster, wood, metal or brick, has been invented by Dr. Jacobsen of Hamburg. He disssolves 50 parts of glue in 150 parts hot water, with 2 parts of a solution of caustic soda, of specific gravity 1,34, and boils. After cooling, he adds 50 parts of commercial water glass solution, and then stirs in enough oxide of zinc to give a proper consistency for painting. Grind smooth in a paint mill, if necessary. after the last coat has perfectly dried, a solution containing 10 per cent of chloride of zinc should be applied. This will given beautiful gloss, and great durability. Earthy pigments not affected by alkalies may be used for color. The mixture must be applied quickly, as it will not keep.

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