Asbestos Liquid Paints.

Manufacture and Builder 10, 1879

From the American Agriculturist, April, 1879.

These paints, made by the H. W. Johns Manufacturing Company, have in a remarkably short time attained a position that could not have been possible without real merit. When the Company received the contract to supply paint to cover the entire structure of the Metropolitan Elevated Railroad, the extent of the order was a matter of remark. Since then, the Company have made a contract for all the white paint to be used, inside and out, upon that immense pile, the United States Capitol at Washington, and, if we mistake not, the other Goverment buildings. The magniture of this order should not be a source of so much satisfaction to the H. W. Johns M'f'g. Co. as the fact that it was made at all. Those who know the thorough investigation that is made by the engineers in charge of the public buildings appreciate that this is indeed a high indorsement of the paint. The Asbestos Paint is used upon another structure, which, though not so extended as the Elevated Railroad, or so prominent as the United States Capitol, is to the writer of far more importance than either - his own barn. It takes precedence of either of those in the fact that it was painted first. When the paint was applied, it was a comparative novelty. We noticed then the ease of application and its covering qualities. Now, at the end of two years, we find the surface remarkably hard and glossy, and it shows every indication of wearing in a most satisfactory manner. The fact that it is furnished in a great variety of pleasing tints, and in a condition ready to be applied at once, will lead those intending to paint to look into its merits.

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