Action of Colored Light on the Eye.

Scribners monthly 6, APR 1875

M. Kunkel gives in a recent number of "Pflüger's Archives," an account of experiments made to determine the time required for various colors to produce their maximum effect on the eye. The results are as follows:

1st. The different parts of the spectrum require different lengths of time to produce their maximum of effect. In all cases, the red took the least amount of time, then followed the blue and green in the order maintained.

2d. For the same color the greater brightness produces the maximum of effect in a shorter time.

3d. With the brightness, the color, tone and saturation also vary, the tendency being toward an impression of white, which, in the case of the blue, passes directly into white, while, in the case of the green and red, the passage to the white is through a yellow.

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