Graphite Products.

Manufacturer and builder 10, 1887

The Joseph Dixon Crucible Co., of Jersey City, N. J., manufacture every variety of product that It has thus far been found practicable and advantageous to prepare from graphite. The list embraces crucibles; pencils of every grade from the lumberman's pencil to the finest office and drawing pencils; stove polish; electrotypers' material; the silica-graphite paint; a variety of preparations for lubricating uses, such as axle grease, gear grease, belt grease, and machine grease; preparations for foundry men's use; and other special preparations.

The Dixon establishment was founded in 1827, and has occupied the leading position in its department of manufactures from that day down to the present. There are few establishments in the United States that can point to a continued existence during so long a period — for in America sixty years is going back to remote antiquity — and there are none that can make a more substantial exhibit of growth. The Dixon company has not only "kept up with the procession," but has kept at the head.

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